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We work hard to create a culture that values our associates not just as employees, but as people on their own path. Whether you’re an eLearning developer, business analyst, or course design consultant, fostering personal growth and development means providing opportunities for you to learn and advance – to stretch yourself into a new role. 

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy allows you to be true to yourself while working on the company’s goals. By committing resources for training, mentoring, and networking, your professional development becomes part of our responsibility. We believe investing in you means you’ll be fully engaged and love coming to work every day. Just like the rest of us do.

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As innovators and empowered members of our work community, we look for solutions and set aside preconceptions. Failures signal new opportunities to try again with new insights.

Experiment without Fear

The Essence of How We Work

Guided by Our Four Core Values

Our people are creative individuals with a lifetime of experiences they bring to the community. We value that uniqueness and leverage it to help boost innovation and define vision.

Express Yourself

We make plenty of time for recreation, group activities, office parties, personal development, and plenty of perks. We’ve always said, you sometimes spend more time at work than at home, so it should be fun.

Enjoy the Ride

Even when things are working well, we push the boundaries and look for ways to improve, whether ourselves, our business practices, or our customers’ experiences.

Evolve Continuously

How We Work Together

These values drive how we work together, focus on our customers, and create solutions that generate growth.


Around the office, you’ll see and hear a lot about our core values. That’s because it’s genuinely how we work. At some companies, values are just part of the marketing plan or employee handbook, but not at BCI. We refer to them all the time because they help us stay on the right path.

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