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Meet the Leadership Team

Beyond Campus is built on a foundation of strong leaders and industry experts dedicated to teamwork and collaboration. With a team of over 150 staff members, we have the experience and understanding of how to work closely with our partners to blend educational content with technology to create transformative online learning solutions. 

By embracing diverse perspectives, encouraging new ideas, and challenging the status quo, we create sustainable results for the organizations we serve.

Talk to Dave and learn how Beyond Campus can work for you

Dave is an author, innovator, and leader who is passionate about blending education and technology. Using change management and agile software development concepts, Dave leads our organizations of more than 150 personnel. 

Founder and CEO
Dave Marshall
Talk to Marty and learn how Beyond Campus can work for you

Marty has a background in learning development and design. From strategic planning to program implementation, Marty leads our team of instructional designers, project managers, and more. 

Vice President, Partner Experience
Marty Lessmann
Talk to Ellen and learn how Beyond Campus can work for you

Ellen leads the engagements with our partners in higher education institutions. She runs the content and faculty programming for one of the largest international online learning university programs in the world. 

Vice President, Higher Education Partnerships
Ellen Slaught

We believe you are the expert in your domain. We know how to plan, design, organize and deliver award winning courses. Together, we can form an amazing partnership!  

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping people, organizations, and institutions package, share, and scale their knowledge.

Our Mission

We strive to be the world's leading company in eLearning product development.

Our Vision

About Us

Since 2013, we have been working collaboratively with our partner organizations to help create, deliver, revise, and update their learning courses and programming. From large university systems to small community colleges and industry partners worldwide, we create eLearning courses that engage learners. 


Our experts will help guide you every step of the way. We’ll work with you using our step-by-step process based on creating thousands of online courses created for our partners.
The Beyond Campus team is here to help. Get in touch. We'd love to help walk you through any of these solutions to help you build an amazing course! 

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