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Workforce Development

The Workforce Strategy Group is a team of Beyond Campus workforce experts, strategists, program designers, instructional designers, videographers, and project managers. We aim to collaborate with community colleges, technical colleges, K-12 schools, universities, and industry leaders to develop comprehensive workforce development programs.

Empowering Education for Tomorrow's Workforce

Employers today face a significant challenge: filling job openings with skilled professionals. To address this, there's a growing reliance on educational institutions to adapt their models, fostering "earn as you learn" workforce programs. These initiatives are crucial for training and upskilling workers, providing them with swift access to the job market. Our focus extends to advancing careers and enhancing skills through stackable certifications, credentials, and degrees.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Many educational institutions are unprepared for the rising demand for tailored workforce programs. This is where Workforce Strategy Group steps in - to bolster your training capabilities.

Navigating New Educational Frontiers

Our Expertise

  • Collaborative Approach: Working hand-in-hand with your team, we pinpoint the necessary knowledge and skills to provide learners with workforce opportunities.

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective: Our approach focuses on maximizing learner access, reducing per-student costs, expanding capacity, and ensuring a positive return on investment.

  • Customized Learning Solutions: We specialize in creating fully online, hybrid, and in-person programs, specifically tailored to meet industry requirements 

  • Program Design for Industry Needs: Our programs are intricately designed to align with industry competencies, ensuring we meet your unique training objectives.

Beyond Campus has created a suite of essential skills training programs and courses

Our goal is to enhance your educational offerings, increase enrollments, and navigate the future of workforce development with confidence and expertise. By choosing Beyond Campus as your program design partner, you can build a future that meets the evolving needs of both industry and learners.

Your Partner in Workforce Development

We understand the complexities and challenges of constantly adapting to new industry demands and the strain it puts on resources and infrastructure. Our team designs programs in partnership with you, aiming to minimize the impact on existing structures and resources. Our aim - increase capacity and improve standardization, while minimizing institutional costs.

Simplifying Workforce Development

We stand by you throughout the process, from the initial concept to the full-scale implementation of scalable, affordable, and community-attractive programs.


Our unique staff augmentation model ensures that our partners retain complete ownership of the programs. We're here to ensure long-term success without financial entanglements in the programs we help develop.

Our Commitment
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