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Higher Education

Is your team over scheduled and burdened with an extensive workload in the short term? Beyond Campus wants to work with you! Outsourcing doesn’t have to feel disjointed and disconnected. Our team of Instructional Designers can seamlessly integrate with your team to meet your content needs.

Our dedicated team of experts can build engaging and exciting courses on multiple LMS platforms using your institution’s content. We can also develop course content to meet your course learning objectives and design the online course with the help of our team of subject matter experts.

Academic Excellence

Our team, skilled in various accreditation requirements, excels in reviewing programs for accreditation preparation. We are adept at developing new programs, leveraging our knowledge of current enrollment and employment trends, expertise in scaffolding, and program building. Our services extend to assessing prior learning, establishing processes for crediting PLA, and creating engaging content for diverse fields including artists, designers, technicians, and technology-driven professions. Furthermore, we collaborate with your team to define credit hours and coursework for various formats like fully online, partial residency, or hybrid models with video conferencing.

Custom Program and Course Creation Services

We offer program and course creation services with three different options: off-the-shelf courses, customization, and scratch-made courses. Our team has years of experience in designing and developing effective programs for educational institutions, and we are excited to help you create programs and courses that meet your specific needs. Here's what you can expect from each of our program and course creation options:

  • Off-the-shelf: Our off-the-shelf programs and courses are ready-made solutions that have been developed for use by numerous institutions sharing common interests. This option is good for institutions with limited resources. Our off-the-shelf programs and courses can lower cost, increase the speed of implementation, and remove the need for in-house development expertise. 

  • Customization: Our customization option involves taking off-the-shelf programs and courses, and modifying them to meet your institution’s specific needs. This can be a good option for institutions that need some customization but don't want to invest in a fully custom solution. Customization is a lower cost than fully custom programs and courses, has faster implementation than fully custom programs and courses, and still provides some level of customization to meet specific needs of your student population. 

  • Scratch-made: Our scratch-made programs and courses option involves creating a solution from scratch, tailored to the specific needs of a single institution and its unique student population. The scratch-made programs and courses provide greater control over the development process and can be more scalable than off-the-shelf or customized solutions.

Tailored for Your Institution

Faculty Training

Beyond Campus offers faculty training services to support higher education faculty and staff in creating an effective learning environment. These services include training in online learning and teaching, and support for understanding and maximizing existing tools in a learning management system. BCI's faculty training services are designed to help faculty members onboard new faculty, manage classroom environments, and enforce institutional teaching standards. BCI's faculty training services are different from traditional faculty training services because they are tailored to each faculty member's needs. BCI evaluates the faculty member's comfort in online learning, course materials, and learning structures. BCI's goal is to provide faculty members comfort and effectiveness in the online teaching environment,  institutional standards,  and helping them realize a fully functioning online teaching style.

Program and Course Reviews

If you are looking for a higher education program and course reviews, there are several options available to you. We have different types of reviews that you can choose from:

Quality Review

It examines the curriculum in relation to desired outcomes, faculty engagement in scholarship, teaching and professional service, and the program's use of assessment for continuous improvement. We also have QM Certified QM Reviewers on staff.

Rubric Customization

This type of review includes all the elements of a quality review, but also allows for customization of the rubric used to evaluate the program or course.

Fully Customized Review

This type of review is tailored to the specific and unique needs of the program or institution. It includes a comprehensive assessment of the program or course, along with recommendations for improvement.

Future Ready Review

This type of review focuses on ensuring that the program or course is preparing students for the future job market. It includes an assessment of the program or course's alignment with industry trends and emerging technologies, as well as recommendations for improvement.

Accreditation Reviews

These reviews assess whether a program or institution meets the standards set by an accrediting body. We will make sure everything is up-to-standard to maintain accreditation status.

Accreditation Prep

This type of review helps institutions prepare for an upcoming accreditation review. It includes an assessment of the institution's readiness for the review, as well as recommendations for improvement.

Consulting Services

  • Overall eLearning Strategy: We help institutions develop a comprehensive strategy for delivering online courses and programs. It may involve evaluating existing eLearning programs, identifying areas for improvement, and developing new programs that meet the needs of students and faculty.

  • Program and Course Evaluations: We evaluate existing programs and courses to determine their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

  • Program and Course Development: We help institutions determine which new programs and courses should be developed. BCI will conduct research on industry trends and best practices to help institutions develop programs that are relevant and up-to-date.

  • Program and Course Maintenance: This type of consulting involves helping institutions create a plan for how to maintain and improve existing programs and courses. 

  • On-ground Program to Online Program Management Services: We can help institutions transition from traditional on-ground programs to online programs. This may involve developing new online courses and programs, revising existing programs and courses to be effective in the online environment, and training faculty members to teach online.

  • Cultural Change Towards a More Productive Workforce: This type of consulting involves helping institutions to create a culture of productivity and innovation. We will work with leadership teams to develop new policies and procedures, train faculty and staff on new technologies and processes, and create incentives that encourage innovation and collaboration.

  • Organizational Redesign: BCI can help institutions redesign their organizational structures to be more efficient and effective. Working with leadership teams, we will identify areas for improvement, help develop new processes and procedures, and provide guidance on the creation of new roles and responsibilities that better align with the institution's goals and objectives.

Explore Our Comprehensive Consulting Solutions

Program and Course Revision Services

We help institutions improve their higher education programs and courses to better meet the needs of their students and community through program and course revision services that address a wide variety of needs. Strategic program and course revisions can increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes. Program and course revisions can come in many forms, including:

  • Full program revision: This option involves a complete overhaul of the program, including changes to the curriculum, course content, and program structure.

  • Branding updates: This option involves updating the program's branding to make it more modern and appealing to students, as well as align with the institutional changes.

  • Localization: This option involves adapting the program to better suit the needs of students in the institution's geographic region.

  • Industry relevance: This option involves updating the program to ensure that it is relevant to current industry trends and practices.

  • Term length change: A traditional semester may no longer meet the needs of your institution, especially in your new online programs. This option involves changing the length of the courses in the program to align with institutional shifts.

  • Addition of exit points and certificates: This option involves adding exit points and certificates to the program to provide students with additional qualifications during their journey towards a degree.

  • Reinvention towards “hands-on” features: This option involves updating the program to include more practical, hands-on learning experiences.

Enhancing Higher Education
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